The GBYWN Mid-South Championship is a backyard wrestling regional championship assigned as one of various other championships of backyard wrestling alliance, Global Backyard Wrestling Nation. The championship is assigned for contention within the "Pacific Northwest Territory" assembled by GBYWN, the U.S states known as Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.



Steven Hardy and Stone Hardy faced off in a Deathmatch to crown the first ever GBYWN Mid-South Champion, It was a bloodly match with Stone Hardy breaking a lot of light tubes over Steven Hardy's back, but Steven Hardy battled through the pain and defeated Stone Hardy to win the title.

Title historyEdit

# Wrestler Reigns Date Event Notes
1 Steven Hardy 1 April 19, 2009 HWO Weekly Steven Hardy defeated Stone Hardy to win the title at (The One Year Anniversary Match).
2 The Kid 1 August 16, 2009 HWO Weekly
3 Stone Hardy 1 August 30, 2009 HWO Weekly
4 The Kid 2 September 6, 2009 HWO Weekly
5 Captain Pain 1 January 3, 2010 BWE: Redemption
6 Tank 1 June 26, 2010 BWE: Wrestle Bash
7 Rose 1 July 25, 2010 BWE: Breaking The Limit